Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sunset at Nusa Dusun Orchard Resort

Our very own sunset from our plots so lovely that non of the owners should miss the sight. It was just breath taking to watch one of the greatest mother nature has to offer and it can be seen at Nusa Dusun. Everyday between 7.15pm to 7.45pm you will witnessed sunset at the orchard and best viewed from a higher ground at from phase two section. Plot owners should pay a visit with family members and enjoy the evening there.

Other things to watch for at the orchard will be jungle fowl, birds, monitor lizard, musang, eagles, cattles, buffalos, cranes, stokes etc. If you have the passion for photography, you will enjoy the many beautiful sceneries. The bungalows are awesome sight to watch and you can take some good pictures. Some of the pictures are available in my earlier postings. If you are bird lover, this place is a paradise for birds.

Now that the selected bungalows are available for rent(members only) you can stay a night and enjoy the night sky and all the sounds emitted by the beetles. You will never enjoy this kind of life in the concrete jungle. Soon there will be more owners planning to spend their weekends and holidays at the orchard and it will definitely liven the orchard.

We would like to encourage more plot owners to come forward and lend us their hands into making this place a beauty. Hope all of you will participate in whatever programs organized in the future. We want new ideas(lots of them)from all of you owners. Please give us your comments!

With the latest technology we can contact each other easily through the website, blog, facebook and email. Those who have not pass their emails, please do so with the committee members immediately.

Fishing at Sungei Linggi

I have been to Linggi river a number of times for the past 3 years and haven't got any luck of catching a big fish. All the time it has been ikan buyu or the sword fish. Probably there's no luck for me or the timing of my fishing was wrong. I have tried fishing at(11am to 4pm) and seldom happy with my catch.

I saw some gentlemen there having caught quite a number of fishes. After talking to them and I found that I should be using diferent baits and hooks. The sizes of the hooks matters and use preferably prawns as baits. I will be doing another fishing trip again soon and this time I will try the new baits and hooks. They even recomended me to use frogs as baits to get bigger fish. I will keep trying and only trying number of  times at it, you can prefect your fishing technique.

I have also lost my fishing gears and other fishing items at the jetty that's worth abit. It was totally my carelessness that I have lost them. I don't blame anyone and only me. We were in a group of about 15 of us and all busy with their fishing rods and baits. After fishing for about 2 hours, we decided to move to another location which is about 10 minutes drive towards the beach. All of us packed up and headed to our respective cars and drove off to the beach.

After awhile we realized that some of the fishing rods and fishings gears are not with us. So drove back to the location and we looked around for the fishing gears and it was missing. Asked around the people who were fishing there and they told us they didn't see it. So we decided to go back and continue our swim at the beach.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Fruit Trees - Nusa Dusun Orchard Resort.

At Nusa Dusun, there are 318 plots planted with various fruit trees. Mango, Pineapple, Chiku, Starfruit, Pamelo, Durian, Banana, Chempedak, Jack fruit, Mata Kucing, Rambutan, Papaya, Coconut, Sugarcane, Mangosteen, Avacado trees to name a few. During the fruit season, there are abundance of fruits to be enjoyed. My favorites are Rambutan, Durian, Starfruit, Chiku etc...

The Best Place Life Can Offer..

Sungei Linggi is about 5 minutes drive from Nusa Dusun Orchard Resort. Many anglers hang out throughout the day trying their luck on their fishing. Large crowd gathers during weekends and school holidays. Be prepared to go fishing very early and secure a good fishing spot. There are boats available for sea and river fishing. 

Fishing Boats

Food Stalls

Food Stalls
The stalls around the area liven up at 5.00pm everyday to cater food for visitors and local villages there. Best food to lookout for are the Ikan Bakar, Otak-Otak Tanjung, Kerang Rebus, Burger, Roti Bakar....There's a stall offering karaoke, if you feel that you got talent and want to entertain your friends by all means the microphone is yours. Great place to just relax and watch those activities happening around you. 

Linggi Bridge

Fishing Spot

Boats are seen moving up and down the river.. 
Linggi River

Busy getting the fishing rods ready..

Food stalls

Day out with family

Food Stalls

More food stalls

Karaoke Center


Thursday, 7 June 2012

Awesome Bungalows

At Nusa Dusun we have a wide range of bungalows, available for selecting the dream bungalow which can be build at a reasonable price. Some of the selected bungalows are now available as homestay for plot owners.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

My Dream Orchard!

The concept of orchards in Malaysia varies these days coz its now been packaged and sold in many different packages. One of them is the Nusa Dusun Orchard in Kuala Linggi, Melaka. The package came with many other facilities attached but unfortunately it didn't materialized. No Hotels, Chalets, Lakes, Resort, Bungalows, Training Ground, Herb Farm, Petting Zoo etc are not to be seen. Last January 2012 was our first meeting at Sri Malaysia Hotel PD with 30 plot owners attending. There were no meetings whatsoever between the plot owners and the company who sold us the land. Its first time for me and for many of us. So we attended the meeting and many questions were raised with some not getting a proper answer to it. Hopefully soon....  

We were called for a reason of course and its simple, to hand over the orchard to the plot owners and manage the project. We were immediately told to form a corporation and start the ball rolling by allowing us to select a few members.  The pro tem comittee was formed and members started to brain storm and spend sleepless nights wanting an answer. 

Finally the second meeting was held at the orchard on the 2nd June 2012. The members had put in alot of efforts to organize the meeting. Lots of food and soft drinks were served. During the meeting, about 100 over plots owners were present . Surprised many including the care taker of the orchard. All as usual were left with many question unanswered. They were waiting patiently and some blew their tops. They could not tolerate the wait and promises made by the company.

As the resolutions were written in layman style out of anger and frustrations...understandable! One of our member a lawyer rendered his expertise by explaining the legal part of taking legal action on the company. Members understood and decided to go on a softer approach before deciding to take other remedies.  

Many other issues were brought to our attention and will be forwarded to the company as a form of a letter. Hopefully we could settle this issue and move on to create that beautiful, conducive orhards that we dream of retiring!

Some of the pictures taken during the 2nd meeting at the orchard. Im going to load more pictures in the near future and update the full resolution adopted at the meeting. We will be sharing alot of ideas here and welcome all to give your ideas generously for the orchard. 

Light Moment

Serious Attention

Q&A Session

Serious Discussion 

Q&A Session